The US has held onto a shipment of human hair items from China, that it says was made by constrained work from youngsters or detainees.

The items originated from Xinjiang in the most distant west of China – where it’s idea a million Muslims have been confined in “re-training” camps.

“Creation of these merchandise comprises an intense human rights infringement,” said US customs official Brenda Smith.

China said the “constrained work” allegation was bogus and malevolent.

The US didn’t state whether the hair itself originated from kids or detainees – simply that the items were made by them.

What was seized?

The items were confined by the US Customs and Border Protection at the Port of New York and New Jersey.

The products originated from an organization in Xinjiang, which, the office stated, designated “expected human right maltreatment of constrained kid work and detainment”.

The items were a piece of 13-ton shipment of hair items worth more than $800,000 dollars.

Media captionThe BBC visits the camps where China’s Muslims have their “contemplations changed”

A month ago, the office gave a “detainment request” for all items from the Lop County Meixin Hair Product Company in Xinjiang.

A long-standing US law bans the importation of any items made by “convict work” abroad.

“The detainment request is proposed to send a reasonable and direct message…that unlawful and uncaring practices won’t go on without serious consequences in US gracefully chains,” said Ms Smith.

The US international safe haven in China told Reuters: “The legitimate work rights and interests of the Chinese residents of every single ethnic gathering, incorporating those in Xinjiang, are ensured by law.”


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