Following quite a while of adoration triangles, murder, and political interest, it’s an ideal opportunity to hang up the telephones: the Spanish time frame show Cable Girls is finding some conclusion on July 3. That implies Cable Girls won’t return for Season 6, finishing a five season run that saw Lidia and her companions bond and develop during the turbulent 1920s and 1930s in Madrid.

On Jan. 30, makers Ramón Campos and Teresa Fernández-Valdés declared that Cable Girls Season 5 would be its last, with the show apparently arriving at its normal end after a period jump to the Spanish Civil War. This makes Cable Girls their longest running arrangement, trailed by Velvet and Netflix’s High Seas. The pair has just proceeded onward to delivering Jaguar, a Netflix arrangement set in 1960s Spain that likewise includes Lidia on-screen character Blanca Suárez in the number one spot job.

“Four years prior, Cable Girls implied for us the start of an extraordinary experience, and we can’t be progressively glad for the overall gathering it has had season after season,” Diego Ávalos, VP of unique substance in Spain, disclosed to Living Backstage. “We are endlessly appreciative to the cast and the whole group.”

“Bidding farewell to Cable Girls is to bid farewell to one of the most significant arrangement of our vocation,” Fernández-Valdés revealed to Living Backstage. “We can always remember that it was the first Netflix arrangement in Spain, and that on appearance they confided in us as makers. It was a blessing and a fantasy satisfied.”

While Cable Girls attracted watchers with elegant outfits and running CEOs, the core of the women’s activist show has consistently been an investigation of female autonomy and testimonial, sex personality, sexuality, and sisterhood. Link Girls made a space for itself as a rebellious show with its capacity to resemble a drama, while shrewdly handling dynamic issues.


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