Co-created by Cate Blanchett and featuring The Handmaid’s Tale’s Yvonne Strahovski, Netflix’s Stateless is a nerve racking picture of Australia’s defective movement framework. It’s likewise founded on the genuine story of Cornelia Rau, who was unlawfully kept in an Australian movement detainment place for 10 months somewhere in the range of 2004 and 2005.

In May 1998, Rau took a four-month occasion from her activity as an aircraft chaperon and fell into an obscure religion like association called Kenja. Despite the fact that the profound recuperating bunch opposes being known as a “religion” on its site, individuals were purportedly compelled to impart their most close privileged insights to the gathering and would be coerced with them on the off chance that they at any point left, as per The Monthly. Being in Kenja seriously intensified Rau’s psychological well-being, and after five months, she fled the compound. Rau additionally asserted that she was explicitly ambushed during her time there. (Per the Sydney Morning Herald, Kenja’s prime supporter, Kenneth Dyers, was accused of 11 includes of rape in 1993. He was later absolved of the charges, yet was accused of another 22 includes in 2005 for supposedly ambushing two 12-year-old young ladies. He denied the charges, however passed on by self destruction before he could stand preliminary).

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As announced by The Monthly, Rau was in and out of clinics throughout the following barely any years. She was in the end determined to have bipolar confusion, and later with schizophrenia. It was during a stay at Manly Hospital in 2004 that Rau got away. She was found bumming a ride in Queensland, and when she was halted by police she revealed to them her name was Anna and that she’d as of late showed up from Germany. She indicated them a taken Norwegian visa.


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