The chairman of South Korean capital Seoul has been accounted for absent and a hunt is in progress, police in the city said on Thursday.

Police said they were searching for Park Won-soon in a sloping lush territory in the north of the city, where his cell phone signal was last identified.

They said Mr Park’s cell phone was at present killed.

His little girl supposedly told police he had gone out, driving her to raise the alert.

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South Korean police stand watch before Mr Park home in Seoul

He didn’t appear for chip away at Thursday, dropping a gathering with a presidential authority at his Seoul City Hall office, Kim Ji-hyeong, an authority from the Seoul Metropolitan Government, told the Associated Press.

Cop Lee Byeong-seok told journalists that Park was seen by a surveillance camera at 10:53 close to the passageway to the lush territory where he telephone signal was last identified. Around 600 police and fire officials utilizing automatons and mutts looked the zone for a considerable length of time on Thursday.

In the interim, swarms assembled outside the Seoul National University clinic late on Thursday in the midst of unverified reports that Mr Park had been found and taken there.

Unverified reports on Thursday proposed Mr Park was confronting an inappropriate behavior guarantee recorded by a female representative in the prior hours he disappeared, yet police didn’t affirm the reports.

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Media and onlookers assembled outside the Seoul National University medical clinic

Mr Park was chosen civic chairman of Seoul in 2011 and chose for his third and last term in June of a year ago.

As individual from President Moon Jae-in’s liberal Democratic Party, Mr Park was purportedly getting looked at as an expected presidential cheerful in the 2022 races.


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