Police in India state they have given dead a man blamed for murdering eight cops in the northern territory of Uttar Pradesh.

Vikas Dubey, who was on the run for almost seven days after the occurrence, was held in the neighboring province of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday.

Police said they were moving Dubey to Uttar Pradesh when the vehicle he was going in upset.

They said he took a police officer’s firearm and attempted to escape.

The monitor general of police, Mohit Agarwal, told India’s PTI news organization that police officers executed Dubey – portrayed as a famous hoodlum – in reprisal, after he would not give up and terminated at officials.

Be that as it may, some have brought up issues about the official record, in a state where police are regularly blamed for utilizing over the top power.

Who was Vikas Dubey?

Dubey, frequently depicted as one of the most infamous lawbreakers in Uttar Pradesh, had in excess of 60 bodies of evidence pending against him, including murder, endeavored murder, seizing, fire related crime, and revolting.

He supposedly murdered a state serve inside a police headquarters in 2001. He was captured however was before long discharged on bail. Most bodies of evidence against him followed a similar direction.

Dubey was said to have great political associations. A gathering of outfitted men went with him wherever he went, and observers against him regularly changed their declarations or wouldn’t show up in court.

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Dubey was captured by police in neighboring Madhya Pradesh on Thursday

Dubey was brought in to be interrogated as a young person in mid 2000s, in the wake of pummeling a few people in his town. Be that as it may, he was bailed by a neighborhood government official and no body of evidence was enrolled against him. From that point he appreciated a transient ascent in Uttar Pradesh’s criminal hidden world.


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