Poland’s presidential political decision on Sunday will be critical in molding the nation’s future and its stressed relations with the EU for in any event the following three years and maybe past.

Why run-off presents Poles with clear decision

On the off chance that the officeholder President Andrzej Duda is reappointed for an additional five-year term, his partners, the patriot Law and Justice-drove government will proceed with their socially traditionalist approaches, endeavors to control free organizations and liberal state present program.

In the event that the more liberal city hall leader of Warsaw, Rafal Trzaskowski, wins, he has said he will go to bat for minorities and utilize the president’s entitlement to veto enactment to square what he sees as the administration’s endeavors to politicize the legal executive and assault law based qualities.

Mr Trzaskowski says he will co-work with the administration however a triumph for him would more likely than not start a war between the two parts of intensity.

The two men have particular dreams for the eventual fate of Poland.

What does Andrzej Duda accept?

President Duda, 48, is a legal counselor via preparing. He won an astounding triumph in 2015 speaking to the youthful, moderate face of the Law and Justice party, which had lost a series of races under all ground-breaking party pioneer and applicant, Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

He is a socially preservationist Roman Catholic, who says he needs to protect the conventional family model.

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The socially traditionalist Mr Duda has a great deal of help in unassuming communities and towns

From one viewpoint, he bolsters the administration’s mainstream and liberal government assistance plot, represented by the 500+ program, under which families get 500 zloty (£100; €110; $125) every month for every kid until the age of 18.

Many Polish families have been lifted out of neediness because of the administration’s approaches, and, just because since the finish of socialism in 1989, feel there is a gathering that thinks about their needs.


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