At the point when the letter showed up at Daniel Guzmán’s doorstep, it gave him a hint of something better over the horizon during perhaps the hardest snapshot of his life.

“Continue onward, when this is all finished, you will leave the house with your head held high and your heart ready to give the best of you,” it read. It was marked basically “Niña Peregrina” (Spanish for “Meandering Girl”)

Niña Peregrina’s was one of many letters that have been traded by complete outsiders in the Colombian city of Medellín during the nation’s months-long isolate.

The unknown letter trade is a piece of a task by a system of libraries in the city.

Words from outsiders

Called “Love In the Time of Coronavirus”, it is propelled by Gabriel García Márquez’s epic Love in the Time of Cholera.

Picture subtitle

The thought depends on Gabriel García Márquez’s tale, seen here in a Spanish version distributed by Bruguera

The epic by Colombia’s Nobel Prize champ recounts to the tale of a couple who become hopelessly enamored in their childhood yet who are compelled to quit seeking when the young lady’s dad gets some answers concerning their mystery relationship. For the following five decades they trade love letters utilizing nom de plumes.


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