In our arrangement of letters from African writers, Ismail Einashe thinks about how Somalia has gotten made up for lost time in the US political race.

President Donald Trump is making Somali-American congresswoman Ilhan Omar one of the bogeywomen of his battle for re-appointment to the White House in November – and as a substitute her nation of birth, Somalia.

In his latest assault, at a crusade rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he attacked the 37-year-old charging that she needed to bring the “disorder” of Somalia to the US.

“She might want to make the legislature of our nation simply like the nation from where she came – Somalia. No legislature, no wellbeing, no police, no nothing, just rebellion. What’s more, presently, she’s revealing to us how to run our nation. No, bless your heart.”

Ms Omar, who showed up in the US as a youngster exile in 1995, is a congressional agent for Minnesota, which incorporates the city of Minneapolis where African-American George Floyd was slaughtered by police in May, reigniting Black Lives Matter fights.

Media captionCongresswoman Ilhan Omar addressed Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis about the George Floyd fights

In any case, it was Ms Omar’s Somali legacy the president decided to concentrate on in Tulsa, maybe to divert from all the disturbance and agitation closer to home.

Accordingly Ms Omar said his comments were “bigot”. She included that his displeasure came out of an ongoing survey that had given him trailing his opponent, Democratic presidential competitor Joe Biden, in her state, which is home to an enormous Somali-American people group.


Maybe the perspective on Somalia for Mr Trump and his supporters is still discolored by occasions in 1993… at the point when US troops propelled a tragic strike in the Somali capital”

Ismail Einashe


The president depicted Ms Omar as an “abhor filled, American-slamming communist”, cautioning she would have a job in forming the nation if Mr Biden were to win.

This is in spite of the way that the pair are on furthest edges of the Democratic Party – Ms Omar had been an unmistakable supporter of Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic ticket.


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