At the point when President Obama asked Joe Biden to be his running mate in 2008, Biden was sitting in a dental specialist office, where his significant other, Dr. Jill Biden, was having a root channel. The Delaware congressperson had experienced a broad checking process, as is ordinary of the bad habit presidential pursuit, yet the call was as yet unforeseen. “I acknowledged decisively,” Biden revealed to The New York Times. “It felt great to state yes.”

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Biden, the possible Democratic chosen one for president, is required to declare his own running mate in the coming weeks, in front of his gathering’s show in mid-August. He’s rehashed that he intends to name a lady, venturing to such an extreme as to depict explicit individuals. Here, 12 ladies who are likely in the running.

The Former Presidential Candidates


Biden could be thinking about previous presidential contenders Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. (Sen. Amy Klobuchar pulled back from the procedure in June.) Warren speaks to the more dynamic wing of the gathering. Picking the Massachusetts congressperson could tempt a more extensive voter base, and point toward a looked for after “solidarity ticket.”

Harris tops numerous forecast records, including The Washington Post’s. “She was at that point on the battle field, and remained with him one next to the other in those discussions,” says Lara M. Earthy colored, Ph.D., a specialist on battle technique at the George Washington University. “She needed to comprehend Biden’s foundation, since she was running against it, with the goal that makes her unimaginably solid and steady.”


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