In Bustle’s Q&A arrangement 28, fruitful ladies portray precisely what their lives resembled when they were 28 — what they wore, where they worked, what worried them most, and what, on the off chance that anything, they would do any other way. This time, The Chicks’ Natalie Maines ponders the time of what she calls “the debate.”

Natalie Maines was as of late watching Taylor Swift’s Netflix narrative Miss Americana when she saw Swift’s group encourage her to remain quiet about the midterm decisions. “I was stunned at what number of individuals were advising her not to [speak out],” Maines, 45, tells Bustle. “I would have never had a meeting room of individuals [telling me] if it’s OK for me to accomplish something. I would give them the finger.” But Maines’ freewheeling, no f*cks mentality is actually why Swift — who was cautioned “Don’t resemble the Dixie Chicks” — was hesitant to speak more loudly in any case.

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In March 2003, when Maines was on the cusp of 28, she told show goers at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire theater in London that she and The Chicks (at that point known as the Dixie Chicks) were against the Iraq War and were “embarrassed” President Bush “was from Texas.” after seven days, America attacked Iraq and they started getting demise dangers, individuals consumed their collections, and the band was “dropped” some time before Twitter was around for #TheDixieChicksAreOverParty to slant. Be that as it may, what upset them more than anything else was the manner by which rapidly the blue grass music industry — which banished them from radio broadcasts committed to the class — walked out on the band. To such an extent that The Chicks despite everything don’t feel like they’re a piece of the nation network.


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