Good, squirrel companions. Here we go once more. The All Stars 5 Top 3 have been picked, and all that is left to do is conjecture about which sovereign will win. Miz Cracker, Jujubee, and Shea Couleé all have their individual qualities, yet how about we talk about who may really bring home the crown.

Miz Cracker

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In the event that the victor is resolved exclusively by challenge report cards, Cracker is the unquestionable champ. The high quality parody smackdown denoted her third aggregate and second back to back win this season. Also, beside her frail Lady Gaga impression in the Snatch Game, the adjudicators haven’t scrutinized her much by any means. That being stated, Cracker has just fully won one of the three lip-sync professional killer exhibitions she went head to head in. She attached with Morgan McMichaels subsequent to winning the SheMZ challenge and lost the money tip to Roxxxy Andrews in the wake of bringing home the Backyard Ball. She may appear the leader now, yet Shea and Juju have apparently battled more diligently to be there, considering the misfortunes they’ve both experienced previously.

Shea Couleé

Maybe no sovereign needs the crown more than Shea Couleé. She verged on winning Season 9, and in the wake of perceiving how harmed she was by the misfortune, it’s practically unthinkable not to pull for her. In addition, she has the reputation to back it up. Shea won two difficulties and the going with lip-matches up, one of them being Snatch Game, which accompanies its own symbol of respect. She was worried about the exceptional test, however confided in herself and got through. The appointed authorities’ studies of her runway looks have been generally nitpicky, and even in the difficulties she didn’t win, she’s approached.


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