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The Supreme Court’s DACA Decision Will Impact Thousands


The Supreme Court is amidst choosing whether or not the Trump Administration can end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that is shielded around 700,000 undocumented youthful foreigners from extradition since 2012. While transcripts from contentions heard on Nov. 12 show that the Republican-larger part judges might be inclining for Trump, DACA beneficiaries are confronting vulnerability by getting ready for the most noticeably awful.

“What’s giving me trust is realizing that we have undocumented individuals in this nation with no lawful status, no driver’s permit, that leave their homes each day and they go out there and figure out how to bring home the bacon” Iowa-based dissident and DACA beneficiary Kenia Calderon, who began the Iowa DREAM Coalition to help teach and rally DACA beneficiaries in the state, tells Bustle.

The Supreme Court is attempting to decide if the Department of Homeland Security’s choice “to unwind the DACA arrangement” was inside the law. DHS declared that it would “wind down” the program and quit tolerating new candidates in 2017, the principal year of Trump’s administration. Very quickly, area court made a decision in San Francisco, DC, and New York requested that DACA proceed. Challenge in these lower courts is the thing that brought the DACA question to the Supreme Court. Calderon reveals to Bustle that despite the fact that the declaration was difficult, it didn’t shock her, as she had been expecting terrible news encompassing her DACA status since Trump got down to business. “I rationally set myself up,” she says.

In spite of the fact that early reports are conjecturing that the Supreme Court will at last enable Trump to proceed with his arrangement to end DACA for good, the procedure paving the way to Tuesday’s contentions reignited Calderon’s work in her locale. She chose a couple of months prior hop again into activism, in the wake of taking a break from arranging after the political race, feeling “vanquished” because of its result. “As the date drew closer of the Supreme Court, I just essentially stated, screw it,” Calderon jokes.

Caroline Brehman/CQ-Roll Call, Inc./Getty Images

A month prior to the hearings, she sorted out a data session in Des Moines, Iowa, that was gone to by around 40 DACA and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) beneficiaries to assist them with getting ready for what the Supreme Court’s choice may bring. She says, for her situation, instructing herself and getting ready for the most exceedingly awful had helped her adapt to Trump’s enemy of migration arrangements.

On Nov. 12, the day of the consultation, Calderon and the Iowa DREAM Coalition held a convention to bring issues to light on the substances of life for Dreamers, accentuating how, for a considerable lot of them, the U.S. is the main home they’ve known. Calderon says she was charmingly astonished by the turnout, but since delegates from the Julián Castro, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren crusades came to show their help for DACA beneficiaries.

As per previous president Barack Obama, DACA was constantly intended to be a transitory answer for the a great many youngsters who were brought to the U.S. as youngsters, and have been in the nation for the majority of their lives. “This is a transitory stopgap measure that gives us a chance to center our assets astutely while giving a level of help and plan to capable, driven, energetic youngsters,” the previous president said in 2012. Congress had obstructed the Obama organization’s endeavors to make an unmistakable and lawful pathway towards citizenship for youth appearances.

As the destiny of DACA hangs in limbo, Calderon says the best thing beneficiaries can do right currently is to set themselves up for each result. “The absolute first thing they have to take a gander at their termination date and look for legitimate counsel to check whether they can renew one more time,” Canderon advises other DACA recipients.

Apart from being legally prepared, Calderon stresses that both DACA and TPS recipients should mentally and emotionally prepare themselves. “There is nothing worse than not preparing ourselves to hear really bad news about your life,” she says.

If the Supreme Court decides to uphold the Trump administration’s plan to terminate the program, DACA recipients will lose their protected status and may face deportation, though the Times reports that both Obama and Trump have said they would not deport people eligible for the program. If SCOTUS decides the Trump administration’s wind-down decision wasn’t appropriate, however, DACA recipients may be able to renew their status, at least until a long-term solution is found.

Mo’Nique Is Suing Netflix For Racial & Gender Discrimination


On Thursday, Nov. 14, Mo’Nique reported that she is suing Netflix for racial and sexual orientation separation. In her claim against the spilling monster, the Oscar champ blamed the organization for endeavoring to come up short on her for an outstanding exceptional with a “one-sided, unfair offer,” as depicted in the common grievance acquired by Bustle. Clamor has contacted Netflix for input, however didn’t get a quick reaction.

In the 39-page grumbling, Mo’Nique’s lawyers at The deRubertis Law Firm, APC, guarantee that in spite of her “broad list of references and reported history of comedic achievement” Netflix made “a lowball offer that was just a small amount of what Netflix paid other (non-Black female) comics.”

The documenting states that Mo’Nique (née Monique Hicks) was allegedly offered $500,000 as an “ability charge.” Her lawyers guarantee this is fundamentally not as much as what men and white ladies were offered for comparative stand-up specials. The claim proceeds to express that kindred comics like Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Ricky Gervais were supposedly offered multiple times more than she was. Netflix additionally purportedly offered Amy Schumer multiple times more than Mo’Nique, as indicated by her lawyers.

In July, Business Insider announced that Jerry Seinfeld was offered $100 million for his high quality extraordinary, while Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais were offered $60 million and $40 million, individually, for two specials. “At the point when the ability was not a Black lady, Netflix offered to pay, and paid, cosmically more than it pays to Black ladies like it offered to Mo’Nique,” the claim states, as indicated by NBC News.

Bravo/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

“So, Netflix’s idea to Mo’Nique sustains the radical compensation hole constrained upon Black ladies in America’s workforce,” the claim proceeds. The suit likewise keeps up this supposed segregation mirrors a wide-spread issue inside Netflix, noticing an absence of assorted variety in authority.

In an announcement presented on her Instagram on Thursday, Mo’Nique affirmed the news. “I had a decision to make: I could acknowledge what I felt was pay separation, or I could go to bat for the individuals who preceded me and the individuals who will come after me,” she wrote in a book post. “I decided to hold up.”

The humorist’s full history with Netflix started years prior. In 2018, Mo’Nique required a blacklist of Netflix, asking fans in an Instagram video to remain with her against the organization’s “sexual orientation inclination and shading predisposition.”

In the video, she explicitly referenced Schumer, who renegotiated her arrangement to draw nearer to rise to pay on her exceptional with the site. “[Schumer] stated, ‘I shouldn’t get what the men are getting, in light of the fact that they’re legends, however I ought to get more,’ and Netflix concurred,” Mo’Nique said in her Instagram post. This came after a 2017 report structure Variety, which asserted that Schumer was purportedly offered $11 million for her Netflix extraordinary, yet battled for additional, noticing the dissimilarity between her offer contrasted with humorists like Chapelle. Be that as it may, Mo’Nique guaranteed she was not given a similar graciousness when it came to arranging her expense. At the time, Netflix decided not to remark on the cases, disclosing to CBS News, “Netflix doesn’t remark on contract arrangements.”

Why Do We Hiccup? A New Study Has A Cute Answer


Ok, hiccuping. It’s irritating, it very well may be humiliating, and here and there it’s absolute agonizing. Here and there it occurs on a first date, and in some cases it occurs while you’re encouraging a school English class (perhaps that is simply me). However, as per science, there’s an excellent explanation you hiccup. Obviously, hiccuping instructs children to inhale appropriately, CNN announced.

Another study, distributed in the diary Clinical Neurophysiology, found that when infants hiccup, it’s not just charming — it likewise causes them create vital personality body associations that assist them with figuring out how to willfully control their relaxing. Also, they invest a ton of energy doing this. As indicated by the examination, which took a gander at 13 babies, newborn children hiccup for up to 15 minutes consistently. While this would be unfathomably irritating for a grown-up, babies need to experience this procedure to figure out how to accomplish fun and significant things like hold their breath, take full breaths, and a wide range of other fun breathing stunts that you or I underestimate.

How does this occur? The examination found that each hiccup starts three major cerebrum waves that help the babies create neurological associations between the mind and the body. At the end of the day, that huge solid compression in the stomach that describes a hiccup produces cerebrum waves that help children’s minds figure out how their bodies work.

A little youngster gazes toward the camera with a light blue pacifier in their mouth. Hiccups enact cerebrum waves that help newborn children and infants figure out how to intentionally control their breath, however they might not have any advantages in adulthood.

Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images

Further, it’s not simply the muscle constriction that makes a hiccup — that extraordinary spasming feeling simply under your chest when you hiccup — that encourages babies figure out how to control their breath. The “hic” sound itself is related with that third huge hiccup-instigated cerebrum wave, which assists babies with making sense of that there’s a relationship between’s the physical impression of a hiccup and the sound they make. This association is an essential piece of an infants’ interior procedures that enables them to realize what various pieces of their body do, and how to control them.

So hiccuping is incredible for babies who may one day do yoga, lift loads, and go swimming — all exercises that require a ton of breath control. However, the examination stated, it’s as yet obscure whether the advantages of hiccuping carry on into adulthood. Oh, that round of hiccups you landed during your last position meet most likely didn’t encourage your mind anything with the exception of the benefit of remaining quiet even with unfavorable hiccuping chances.

Grown-up hiccups might be a physiological aftereffect from when you were a child and the hiccups were in reality bravo, the investigation said. In any event you know, presently, that regardless of whether it doesn’t profit you now, it did once. Unexpectedly, you can thank your hiccups for helping you figure out how to hold your breath long enough to dispose of the darn things.

Manus Island refugee author Behrouz Boochani arrives in New Zealand


A refuge searcher who composed a book by means of Whatsapp from inside a detainment focus has at last left the island where he was held for a long time by Australia.

Behrouz Boochani, an Iranian Kurd, landed in New Zealand on Thursday, vowing never to come back to Papua New Guinea (PNG) where he was confined.

The columnist was sent to PNG’s Manus Island in 2013, in the wake of landing in An australian area by pontoon.

He had wanted to guarantee haven, yet fell foul of its severe outcast strategy.

“I just landed in New Zealand,” he tweeted on Thursday. “So energizing to get opportunity after over six years.

“I have been welcomed by Word Festival in Christchurch and will take an interest in an occasion here. Much obliged to you to every one of the companions who got this going.”

Mr Boochani landed on Australia’s Christmas Island in July 2013. Around the same time, the nation’s then-head administrator promised no shelter searcher landing by vessel could ever be resettled in Australia, regardless of whether saw as authentic displaced people.

Australia says its strategies are important to dissuade perilous endeavors to arrive at the nation via ocean.

Exile’s WhatsApp-composed book wins prize

The island where kids have abandoned life

So as opposed to landing in Australia, where he had planned to begin another life, Mr Boochani was moved to Manus Island where Australia has a seaward preparing focus.

“I would not like to go to jail in Iran so I left and when I got to Australia they put me in this jail for quite a long time,” he told the BBC in January 2019.

Unfit to leave, he became one of Manus Island’s most outstanding voices, chronicling the lives of his kindred refuge searchers and distributing his honor winning book No Friend But the Mountains: Writing from Manus Prison in 2018.

Media captionWriter Behrouz Boochani sent sections for his book to a great extent by instant message.

The book demonstrated to be his ticket off the island: New Zealand has conceded him a month-long visa so he can go to an artistic celebration toward the finish of November. It is the first occasion when he has been permitted to leave PNG since August 2013.

From New Zealand, he would like to venture out to the US, where he has been acknowledged for shelter as a feature of an arrangement to resettle evacuees from Australia’s two seaward detainment focuses. On the off chance that this is presently prevented in light of the fact that from claiming his appearance in New Zealand, he has said he will take a gander at different choices.

Australia refuge: Why is it questionable?

Manus: Timeline of the detainment focus

“I will never return to that spot,” he told the Guardian, the British paper he has composed widely for during his years on Manus Island.

“I simply need to be free of the framework, of the procedure. I simply need to be some place where I am an individual, not only a number, not only a mark ‘evacuee’.”

New Zealand has recently offered to resettle 150 displaced people from Australia’s island confinement focuses.

The Australian specialists have so far dismissed the offer. Displaced people in PNG and the island country of Nauru can either decide to resettle in those countries, apply for a set number of spots in the US, or come back to their nation of origin.

Alibaba backs Hong Kong’s ‘bright’ future with huge listing


Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang has applauded Hong Kong’s “splendid” future as the Chinese web based business monster gets ready to list in the troubled money related center point.

The firm, which is as of now exchanged the US, would like to raise up to $13.4bn (£10.4bn) in its optional posting.

That would make it the greatest offer deal this year, as per Dealogic.

The move is viewed as a lift for Hong Kong, weakening feelings of dread that fights have discolored its money related notoriety.

The city has thought about enemy of government fights for almost five months and savage conflicts raised for this present week .

“During this season of continuous change, we keep on accepting that the eventual fate of Hong Kong stays splendid,” Alibaba Chairman Daniel Zhang said.

He depicted the city as “one of the world’s most significant budgetary focuses”.

Mr Zhang – who succeeded Jack Ma to take Alibaba’s top occupation not long ago – said the organization would have liked to “contribute” to the eventual fate of Hong Kong.

The organization will offer 500 million offers, valued at up to HK$188 ($24) each. Offers are because of start exchanging on 26 November.

The deal could thump Uber off the top spot as the current year’s greatest IPO, as indicated by Dealogic information. The ride-sharing firm brought $8.1bn up in its New York glide in May.

Picture copyrightGETTY IMAGES

Throughout the years, Alibaba has developed from an online commercial center into an internet business mammoth with interests running from money related administrations to man-made reasoning.

The organization said the new posting will enable financial specialists crosswise over Asia to “take an interest in Alibaba’s development,” as it tries to tap “generous new capital pools” in the area.

Alibaba Singles’ Day shopping free for all breaks record

The Hangzhou-based firm had initially viewed as a Hong Kong IPO in 2013, however picked New York in the wake of neglecting to verify administrative endorsement in the Asian domain.

Developing turmoil

The transition to proceed with the offer deal in Hong Kong comes after Alibaba apparently postponed designs to list there recently, in the midst of progressing distress and the US-China exchange war.

The long-running fights have harmed the economy, which has fallen into downturn, and thumped business trust in the city.

Demise affirmed during Hong Kong agitation

A speedy manual for the Hong Kong fights

Hong Kong fights hit Burberry and Cathay Pacific

The fights began in June against plans to enable removal to the terrain – which many dreaded would dissolve the city’s opportunities.

Hong Kong is a piece of China, yet as a previous British province it has some self-governance and individuals have more rights.

While the removal plans were pulled back in September, the shows have proceeded, with dissidents requiring an autonomous investigation into supposed police mercilessness, and just change.

Trump impeachment inquiry: Why Ukraine is so important to the US


Did President Donald Trump retain military guide from partner Ukraine for his own political reasons? That is the unavoidable issue at the core of the Democrat-drove prosecution request.

Ukraine isn’t in Nato and it has battled with long stretches of defilement. In any case, its future heading is of geopolitical significance.

For what reason does Ukraine make a difference to US?

For quite a bit of its 28-year free history it has been vague whether Ukraine would wind up lined up with Russia or the West.

In 2014, that vulnerability seemed to reach a conclusion. After a wicked road unrest, Ukraine’s new pioneers stated that the nation’s future lay with nearer relationship with Europe and the West. Russia was presently observed as the adversary and it reacted by holding onto Crimea and supporting an outfitted uprising in eastern Ukraine that has so far cost in excess of 13,000 lives.

Course of events: How Ukraine story unfurled

Under the US Obama organization, Ukrainians’ entitlement to choose their own future, and to oppose Russian hostility, was shielded as a significant ideological standard.

That changed when President Trump got down to business, and Ukraine’s legislature has not had the option to depend on America’s dynamic help similarly since.

MH17 disaster: Phone-taps ‘show Russia directed Ukraine rebels’


A universal investigation into the bringing down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 accepts elevated level Russian authorities were coordinating separatists in eastern Ukraine connected to the assault.

Agents charge a top associate of President Vladimir Putin was in contact with rebel pioneers all the time.

Every one of the 298 individuals on board were slaughtered when a rocket struck the plane over agitator held an area on 17 July 2014.

Russia’s remote service has dismissed the most recent discoveries.

Representative Maria Zakharova said worldwide examiners had controlled the request to suit a foreordained end.

Four accused of homicide for bringing down flight MH17

MH17 plane accident in Ukraine: What we know

The 298 who died

Specialists have charged four individuals, including a nonconformist safeguard boss. The suspects are expected to go on preliminary, most likely in absentia, in April 2020.

Hong Kong protests: Man dies after being hit ‘by hard object’ during protests


A 70-year-elderly person has kicked the bucket in Hong Kong in the wake of being struck on the head during conflicts between government supporters and dissenters.

Authorities said the man was on a mid-day break from his activity as a cleaner when he was hit in the head by “hard items flung by veiled agitators”.

It comes as China’s leader Xi Jinping said the “one nation, two frameworks” framework was being “tested”.

Hong Kong has been hounded by over five months of political turmoil.

Not exactly seven days back, Alex Chow, a 22-year-old understudy, kicked the bucket in the wake of tumbling from a structure during a police activity.



Almost 50% surprisingly spending plan their cash so ineffectively they get captured without reserves when a crisis $400 cost turns up, as indicated by look into. In the event that this is you, you have to begin intending to adjust your spending limit, and to save enough. Investigate a these tips.

Invest energy considering your income

Spending plans aren’t very useful on the off chance that you don’t invest energy considering what you spend.

Track each and every dollar that you spend by composing everything down, and afterward study your cost rundown to make sense of what costs signify a lot of outpouring.

Utilize a cost application to follow your receipts

There are a lot of planning applications that assist you with monitoring your receipts by checking them for you. With names like Expensify and Zoho, these applications put every one of your receipts in a single spot so you always remember what you’ve spent.

Get to know your financial balance

In the event that taking a gander at the announcements of your ledger makes you apprehensive, it just shows that you aren’t as acquainted with them as you ought to be.

You have to confront your feelings of dread.

The additional time you spend taking a gander at your financial balance, the more agreeable you become with the numbers that make up your pay and costs.

Record every one of your memberships in a single spot

Regardless of whether you buy in to spilling administrations or excellence boxes, magazines or wellness classes, these costs can gradually include.

To ensure that you know about how much these costs signify, you should make a point to record them all under one header in your spending limit.

At the point when every last bit of it is in one spot, it might hit you that you’re spending a lot, and need to decrease.

Track programmed installments on a schedule

Consequently setting up installments for your lease, your telephone bill or your charge card bills is a smart thought. It’s significant, in any case, to ensure that you never go to overdraft when these programmed installments go out.

You have to deal with your income by checking on a schedule when these installments are made, and profiting on those days.

Focus on your FICO rating

An extraordinary FICO assessment can assist you with finding less expensive advances, better homes to lease and better occupations. It’s significant, nonetheless, that you focus on your FICO rating, to ensure that it’s as high as would be prudent.

Individual account applications like Mint let you check your financial assessment for nothing, and give you data from your credit report to permit you some knowledge into how you’re doing. It’s critical to exploit such administrations.

Start small scale reserve funds

Many planning applications with names like Acorns, Qapital and Digit assist you with sparing by gathering together every cost that you make, and putting your extra change in a different record.

While save change may appear to be immaterial, it can rapidly mean a sizable measure of cash. A portion of these applications even put the cash that you make thusly, to give you noteworthy returns.

Use money more

It’s anything but difficult to overspend when you pay for something with a card or with internet banking. In the event that you discover you overspend on specific things, reveal to yourself that you will consistently pay for those things with money.

Money makes costs feel all the more genuine, and gives you a more noteworthy feeling of individual control.

Focus on your obligation

From understudy advances to Visas, you have to remain over the cash that you owe. You have to make room in your financial limit for installments every month.

You ought to likewise figure the amount you pay in charge card intrigue every month. It’s an entirety that you ought to know about.

On the off chance that it appears to be exorbitant, you should ensure that you pay off your whole equalization every month with the goal that you don’t need to stress over intrigue.

At any rate, you should endeavor to discover a Mastercard that charges you a lower pace of intrigue.

Remove reserve funds cash from the condition

You should take the cash that you decide you should spare every month, and set it away in an investment account toward the start of every prior month you get an opportunity to mull over it for month to month costs.

You can even set up your financial balance to naturally remove cash from your check every month to place into your reserve funds.

All in all, putting 20 percent of your salary into long haul reserve funds is a smart thought.

Let it be known whether you can’t manage the cost of something

In the event that your companions are making arrangements to go out to eat, or to go out on the town to shop, it’s significant that you put aside any shame about not having the option to manage the cost of it, and tell the truth. You should speak the truth about what you can and can’t manage.

At last, it’s essential to begin getting ready for your retirement in your mid 20s. Retirement can a decades ago, and you need a lot of time to save enough cash for such an extensive stretch without normal pay.

Adjusting your spending limit can be hard, on the grounds that you may make an unpredictable salary, or on the grounds that unexpected costs turn up. At the point when you invest energy contemplating your cash and spending it in deliberately estimated entireties, be that as it may, you can even now prove to be the best.



It is conceivable to improve your funds in six simple steps. It will require commitment and some penance, however it will be justified, despite all the trouble. Here are six different ways to make a superior monetary circumstance.

  1. Sell things you never again use

You most likely have things lying around in wardrobes and pantries that you haven’t utilized in some time or never plan on utilizing. These things merit attempting to sell.

Perhaps you have garments your kids have outgrown, yet are still in better than average condition. Youngsters’ toys, kitchen apparatuses, and practice gear could likewise get some additional cash.

Try not to disregard making things and stickers that other individuals can utilize. In the event that you can sell locally, this is the most ideal approach as you’ll abstain from paying for bundling and sending.

Littler things are smarter to dispatch than bigger ones, which will cost more.

  1. Cut out pointless spending

This will be troublesome on the off chance that you appreciate perusing stores, discovering deals, and shopping.

In the event that you need to see an improvement in your accounts in merely months, changing this one propensity will have a significant effect.

One approach to accomplish this is to take a rundown with you when you shop. Thusly you won’t purchase more than you need. Deals can be enticing, yet you can maintain a strategic distance from this issue by not perusing stores.

In the event that something you need is at a bargain, you’ll see it. Else you don’t have to get things since they’re marked down. This is really a misuse of cash and not an approach to set aside cash.

On the off chance that you have an assortment of nail clean, don’t purchase more. Use what you have. On the off chance that you see another cleanser you need to attempt, hold up until you finish your present jug.

At the point when you start utilizing what you as of now have, you’ll cut out a great deal of superfluous spending.

  1. Start setting aside cash

In the event that you don’t have an investment account, right now is an ideal opportunity to set one up.

In the event that you can just spare a couple of dollars seven days to begin, it’s superior to nothing. As the many months go on, you can add more to your investment funds.

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It’s significant that you set aside cash since no one can really tell when you’ll require cash for restorative issues, an up front installment, or a crisis. Putting something aside for retirement ought to likewise be a need.

With the cash you spare not doing any superfluous spending, you can set aside more cash. Set a base sum that you’ll spare each month and you’ll see your reserve funds develop.

  1. Pay off your obligation

Regardless of whether you just have two or three hundred dollars of charge card obligation or understudy credits to satisfy, paying it off will improve your funds. In the event that you haven’t been not kidding about paying it off previously, right now is an ideal opportunity.

Between getting additional cash and just purchasing what you need, you will have the option to expand your obligation installments. Satisfying your obligations will improve your financial assessment after some time.

This is significant for when you need to make huge buys and here and there when leasing a condo.

  1. Set up a change container

Toward the finish of every day, void your pockets of progress and put it into a change container. This is like the change container I use at home.

On the off chance that you use money more than some other kind of installment framework, you presumably have change lying everywhere. Gather them and put them into the container too.

It probably won’t appear to be justified, despite all the trouble to spare a couple of pennies consistently, yet throughout a half year or a year, it will include. It’s a decent propensity to embrace forever.

  1. Figure out how to spending plan

Planning is an aptitude that will help you for a mind-blowing duration.

In case you’re accustomed to hauling money out of the ATM or utilizing your Mastercard when you see something you like, you will spend more cash than you have to.

The initial step is knowing how much pay you acquire each month. You additionally need to know how a lot of every one of your bills are and represent those.

For things that change, for example, food supplies, you have to make sense of the amount you can manage the cost of and wish to go through every week.

When you have a financial limit, you can figure out how to adhere to it. You can give yourself a money recompense every week, except once you’ve spent it, it’s significant that you don’t return for additional until the following week.

Planning will set aside you a lot of cash in the following a half year and past.

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